Crow's Foot Notation

A number of data modeling techniques are being used today. One of the most common is the entity relationship diagram (ERD?). Several ERD notations are available, Crow's Foot Notation is one of them.

GraphViz image

That image is generated from this Graphviz script:

digraph {
  rankdir=BT // Graph direction : Bottom-Top
  node [shape=record] // all nodes are in Box shape
  edge [dir=normal labeldistance=1] // "labeldistance=1" is default value

  // Multiplicity types by Crow's Foot Notation
  Member1 -> Group1 [dir=both arrowtail=crowodot arrowhead=teetee label="0or* to 1"]
  Member2 -> Group2 [dir=both arrowtail=teeodot arrowhead=teetee label="0or1 to 1"]
  Member3 -> Group3 [dir=both arrowtail=crowtee arrowhead=crowodot label="1or* to 0or*"]

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