androguard Reverse engineering, Malware and goodware analysis of Android applications ... and more (ninja !)
android-apktool A tool for reverse engineering Android apk files
dex2jar Gets an JAR file which can be opened by JD-GUI from the provided APK file.
Java Decompiler JD-GUI, JD-Eclipse etc

Download APK

There is a simple way (PURE web based, No LOG IN is required) to download the APK file of an app which is released to Google Play. That is just open this link and input the name of the app which you want to download:


CAUTION: The APK file provided is not guaranteed the authentic one.



Uses "dex2jar". <APP_NAME>.apk # take the dex file out of an APK file and stores it as the JAR format which can be opened by JD-GUI. -f -o output_jar.jar apk_to_decompile.apk # this is an alternative way

APK to resource files

Install "android-apktool" and then:

apktool d YOUR_APP.apk
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