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Integrates Beyond Compare to Gitbox

Beyond Compare eventually can runs as a native application on Mac OS X since version 4.0 of it.

I like using Gitbox to access Git repositories. Gitbox doesn't support integrating Beyond Compare as a diff tool since Gitbox has been not updated for more than 3 years.

Here is a tricky way to integrate Beyond Compare to Gitbox as a diff tool. Briefly, fake Beyond Compare as one of the tools which Gitbox supports. The follows are the steps.


1. Install Command Line Tools

You may also need to use Beyond Compare's command line tools, so, just click on the menu of Beyond Compare, and choose "Install Command Line Tools".

It will create two soft links for you:

  1. /usr/local/bin/bcomp:
    • Launches comparison and waits for it to complete.
  2. /usr/local/bin/bcompare:
    • Launches comparison and returns immediately.

2. Create the bridge

I choose BBEdit as a "bridge", it can be done by running:

sudo ln -s "/Applications/Beyond" /usr/local/bin/bbdiff

3. Perform integration in Gitbox

In Gitbox, open "Preferences" and go to "Integration" tab, and choose "BBEdit" - it's enable since "bbdiff" was created.


Gitbox supports integrating with one of several diff tools, here is the map Gitbox uses to detect is a diff tool is installed or not:

  • FileMerge : opendiff
  • Kaleidoscope : ksdiff
  • Changes : chdiff
  • Araxis Merge : compare
  • BBEdit : bbdiff
  • TextWrangler : twdiff
  • DiffMerge : diffmerge


Please refer to Konca.

  • Posted: 2014-12-05 14:15
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